A Simplified Plan and Intuitive Eating

How the P90X3 Diet Plan Works

Tony doesn’t use calculators. He doesn’t tick portions off of a chart. He doesn’t ponder what his caloric needs are.

What’s Tony’s Nutrition Plan?P90X3 Nutrition Guide Intro

It’s amazingly simple, and it’s what you’re going to be shown in detail on this website. You get hungry. You put food in your mouth. You chew it up. You swallow it. You work out. You feel awesome. Simple as that.

When you get to a certain point in fitness, after years of eating clean, healthy foods and watching your body react to those foods, you become an “intuitive eater.” Sure, you might experiment with different dietary systems, check in with a nutritionist occasionally, or try new foods that you read about, but your primary indicator, the thing that tells you what to eat when, and how much, is you You listen to your body and work from there. It’s as though you literally ate a P90X3 Nutrition Guide and your digestive system absorbed the information.

So the goal with the P90X3 Nutrition Plan is to help you get to a place where your body just knows what you need and when you need it. You’re going to learn to eat a clean, simple diet that will help you achieve your goals, whether it’s a fitness, weight management, or general wellness.

What is Intuitive Eating?

“Intuitive Eating” is the ability to listen to your body’s cues so that you make the right decisions nutritionally. Think of it as the healthy, fit cousin of “impulse eating.” Cravings should be good things. An intuitive eater uses them to understand what’s lacking in their diet, whether that’s carbs, protein, fats, or even a micronutrient like iron or sodium. On the other hand, an impulse eater misreads these signals, eating for comfort rather than performance.

As an intuitive eater, you set those cravings straight. A lack of fat in your diet might trigger a craving for raw nuts or avocado. A lack of carbs might have you thinking of fresh fruit instead of soda.

Achieving this can take a little time and determination, but the P90X3 Nutrition Guide should make it much easier. Here’s a little three-step cheat sheet to help you along the way.

Step 1

  • Eat whole, healthy foods

Step 2

  • Exercise often

Step 3

  • Listen to your body unless it tells you to eat something unhealthy, then return to Step 1!

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